GIVE BACK, One for One

Our GIVE BACK, One for One program consists of select products that change from year to year including pencils, rulers, bags, pens, and drinkware items. When one of the select products is purchased, we donate an equal amount of product from that category to NAEIR. On our website, our GIVE BACK, One for One logo is prominently displayed on select product pages so distributors and end users know that the purchase of that item is making a difference.


Product list forthcoming

Camp Hope Give Back Program

Cap America gives back to Camp Hope - a retreat for war-wounded military veterans. 5% of proceeds of all Camp Hope American Flag Embroidered Patch sales goes directly to Camp Hope. We also give a portion of the proceeds of sales of our RKUSA12 and RKSTAR12 knit hats.

Camp Hope

Compass is a network of retail brands.

We have partnered with high-end brands that have giving back as a part of their mission.

A) MPOWERD Luci lights: MPOWERD is a B Corp that we partnered with that sells solar powered lighting solutions. They are expanding their product line, but currently they are focused on manufacturing premium-quality, inflatable solar-powered lanterns. 10% of the quantity purchased through Compass is donated to their Give Back program which distributes these solar powered lanterns to people and countries in need. For example, these renewable lighting devices are donated to schools and hospitals in third-world countries that don't have access to electricity and therefor need lighting solutions like this to operate when the sun goes down. They also donate to disaster relief efforts to help mitigate the devastation of long-term power outages.

B) Be Bottle: Be Bottle makes one of the more feature packed bottles on the market. For example each one has a removable bottom with an infuser cage attachment built into the bottle. They have a partnership with where every bottle purchased is a donation to a fund that provides safe drinking water to third-world countries., National Breast Cancer Foundation, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Society, Salvation Army, Hand-to-Hand Mission to Haiti Inc., International Medical Corps, All Hands and Hearts, Oxfam, Sierra Club, Save the Children, Kids of Kathmandu, Project C.U.R.E.

MPOWERD: #1033, #1010, #1024, #1005, #1004, #1001, 1030
Be Bottle: #BB18, #BB10
Maglite: K3A-NBCF

Gift with Purchase Program

Gold Bond donates 10% of contributions made by distributors when they choose to pay their gift forward in the gift with purchase program. Children's Advocacy Center, St. Jude, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Wounded Warriors, Susan G Komen, American Heart Association

All products found on our gift with purchase program here:

Buy What You Believe In™

We create business for social enterprises with work force development programs that support and expand job opportunities for people with significant barriers to fair wage employment. We are also a direct provider of jobs to people from underserved communities in Chicago through our 1eleven® Program.

1eleven Program makes bath + spa products, which provide:

  • Jobs with benefits for adults from underserved communities
  • Leadership and career training with the goal of creating the next leaders at HHPLIFT
  • Economic independence and opportunities for advancement at HHPLIFT and beyond

Smateria products provide:

  • Sustainable livelihoods for Cambodian artisans
  • 13-month annual salary
  • Free daycare for the artisans’ children
  • Free healthcare

For a comprehensive list of products and their impact:


Homes for our Troops

Our model is slightly different, we contribute 20% of net proceeds to HFOT which equates to roughly 5% of gross proceeds of all products sold under the Patriot brand. We also have plans for our staff to volunteer at the home builds in our vacinity.

Homes for our Troops

AWS Line

(Named after the late Arthur W. Schmidt III)

5% of all proceeds from our AWS line are distributed to 6 different charities at the end of the year.Still in development, as 2018 was our first year for this program.

AWS Line

Driven by our mission to provide dignified employment opportunities to resettled refugees and create environmentally-responsible production processes, Knotty Tie Co. is pioneering what ethical manufacturing looks like in the age of fast fashion. By creating opportunities for arriving refugees to work in their trade, and in a supportive work environment with flexible schedules, fair wages and generous benefits, we're removing barriers for them to become economically self-sufficient and culturally assimilated. Our secondary mission is to lead the industry toward more eco-friendly manufacturing processes, renewable energy use, better practices in recycling and diversion of materials, and greater environmental awareness. We are devoted to reducing emissions and waste while making one-of-a-kind products on any schedule. We have developed goals and metrics to monitor and manage our environmental impacts over time in hopes that we may pave the way for other apparel manufacturers.

Give Good Campaign: #MapleRidgeGivesBack

At Maple Ridge Farms, our employees believe strongly in giving back to the community. So our company focuses on the programs and issues that Maple Ridge Farms employees care about most.

Community outreach is important to our team. Their passion means our company supports a number of community events‚ local churches‚ veterans’ organizations‚ United Way, and more! We donate thousands of pounds of food to homeless shelters each year. We also match our employees’ contributions to a variety of organizations.

New for 2019, on specifically marked items throughout the Maple Ridge Farms line, Maple Ridge Farms will be allocating 15% of the profits to the local Habitat for Humanity!

Habitat for Humanity of Wausau has completed construction of 66 homes to date, with 2 more scheduled for completion by fall 2019. Habitat homes in the Wausau area generate over $186,000 in property taxes, representing $7,000,000 in property values.

In just one month, their salvage work has diverted approximately 5 semi loads of product from disposal in the local landfill. In 2017 (and again in 2018) their store operation diverted 15 tons of metal scrap from the local landfills.

And revenues received help them to purchase the home construction products and run the Habitat affiliate so they can offer the home ownership programs.

Habitat for Humanity
RPD103, BPD103, GPD103, KPD103, NPD103, SPD103, CCT103, SCT103, ESCT103, S8006B, S8006BLK, L1021, L1025, SN3571, BY925, K125

Raining Rose has been a big supporter of the Eastern Iowa United Way because it touches our local community in so many ways. We have been a community Pacesetter for them and continue to give back over $50K a year in charitable donations. In addition, we provide products and cash donations throughout the year.

The United Way has been the primary organization that we have supported.

Wear For Better

At Storm Creek, we seek greater meaning in our work and our success. Giving back to the community and the environment is at the heart of who we are. From inception, Storm Creek has been committed to the community. Through our Wear for Better Program, Storm Creek has donated tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of volunteer hours to more than 30 nonprofit causes locally and nationally. We are a member of the Minnesota Keystone Program, which recognizes companies that donate at least 2% of their pre-tax earnings to charitable organizations! We are proud to be one of the few giving at a 5% level. Through our 1% for the Planet membership, we take responsibility for the Earth by supporting organizations that do the important work to create positive environmental change. 1% from every purchase of our Eco-Collection goes to this worthy endeavor. Additionally, we donate thousands of dollars’ worth of our products and expertise to assist people in need.More than 30 local and national charity partners annually.

Eco-Collection: 1% of sales to 1% for the planet, Work from Home Collection: 10% of sales go to Feeding America, #4620/25 Sweatfleece Jackets support Save the Boundary Waters, #2340/45 Wear for Better Moss Jersey 1/4 Zip Buy one Give one to support front line workers of COVID-19

Basecamp supports Warrior Spirit Retreat

Sweda proudly announces a banner year of support for the WSR. Since 2017, a portion of the proceeds of all sales of Basecamp ® items have been donated to fund Founder Dan Nevins- Warrior Spirit Retreat, a place where warriors learn to heal the physical and mental wounds of military service. On January 15, 2019 at the Sweda PPAI show booth in Las Vegas, CEO, Jim Hagan and SVP of Sales & Marketing, Kellie Claudio presented Dan Nevins with a $100,000 donation surrounded by many distributors friends and Sweda team members overflowing into the aisles. To date: Sweda has donated over $250,000 in monies and product to support the WSR.

Dan Nevins' Warrior Spirit Retreat

Basecamp branded products


We believe little acts of kindness go a long way. That’s why we created Kindly by Terry Towns to consolidate our efforts in one place to make a bigger and positive impact in our home the world.Terry Town is donating 5% of the proceeds from our Kindly line of products.

Kindly is Terry Towns effort to create a positive impact and adhere to social responsibility. By re-thinking how we operate and become a source of inspiration, goodwill, and philanthropy to our customers, partners and employees.

  • Fred Finch DP2802 Chevron Berber Blanket
  • DP2801 Plaid Berber Blanket
  • APRON02 Chef's Apron
  • BH1001 Turkish Peshtamal
  • BV1110 Mid-Weight Velour Beach Towel

Full Circle donation program and Engage and Change and Kits For a Cause

We have a program called full circle donation program....each NFP purchase or donation purchased for a NFP, we donate a full case of donations from our donation warehouse. We also founded a separate charity where all our employees volunteer

We engage our suppliers to get involved with volunteering and product donations.

Tens of thousands!;;

You Buy Books & Journals. We Plant Trees.

It's truly impossible to weigh the balance between the majesty of trees and their importance to our ecosystem against the immeasurable educational value we gain from reading books and writing in journals. We, at The Book Company, recognize the impact that the books and journals we sell have on trees and on our environment. That's why we support the reforestation programs of American Forests, by donating a portion of our proceeds each year to help plant trees across America.

American Forests

1% For the Planet

Vantage is a member of 1% For the Planet. As part of our commitment to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner, Vantage has pledged to donate 1% of select item sales to non profit organizations focused on environmental causes.

Clean Ocean Action

  • #8060 Planet Polo (Men's)
  • #8061 Planet Polo (Women's)
  • #8065 Vansport Eureka Shirt (Men's)
  • #8066 Vansport Eureka Shirt (Women's)
  • #8062 Vansport Trek Hoodie (Men's)
  • #8063 Vansport Trek Hoodie (Women's)
  • #3180 Denali Jacket (Men's)
  • #3181 Denali Jacket (Women's)

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