I have been a Realtor for over 18 years, has a marketing/management degree and has prior customer service, management and banking experience. I have been working with a friend for the past year who has taught me a lot about the business. The reason I started selling promotional products was because I have been buying them from my friend loyally for over 18 years and loved everything I purchased. My clients always tell me how much they love what I give them and they always thing of me when they use it or see it. It is a great way to keep me on their minds.  I decided that I wanted to do something that added to my own Real Estate Resume and could help other people market themselves and their companies.  With everything changing in the world I figured it was a great time to make an addition to my resume owner! 

My company will try its hardest to get you what you need or give you information on where you can purchase it.  My family owned business guarantees we will treat you like family where everybody knows your name. Its not all about making money its about making people very happy with what they purchase so people will remember your name/ logo.

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